Chickens – ramblings and such

untitledIt occurred to me today that owning chickens might be better than claiming ownership to my husband. Granted I am rather perturbed by him today and thus my view is likely biased because of that, but let’s just say for arguments sake, this theory might be possible.

Let me explain. My yard has ants… like lots of carpenter ants. I have asked my husband to address this issue repeatedly without success for years. I would never have to ask the chickens to deal with this. They would happily munch away at them and thus significantly reduce my concern. Plus by allowing them free range of the yard, they become – yep you guessed it – FREE RANGE ORGANIC CHICKENS. Thus producing healthier eggs for me and my son to eat. Which leads me to my next point. They would be contributing to the household groceries; something my husband doesn’t even do.

These chickens won’t pout for days because “I’m not in the mood” and they won’t care if I snore or talk in my sleep. They won’t hold my transgressions against me for years on end and they really won’t care if I wear sweat pants all weekend. Feed me, water me, keep me warm and clean my litter… Shoot! That is all my cat asks of me. Well, that and the daily rub down to which she purrs happily for hours after.

Next, there is the annoying habit of my husband opening his big mouth to take out his frustrations and loud opinions on me. Lovely isn’t it. It stresses me out, frustrates me, hurts my feelings and drives me to smoking. These chickens could do the same if they wish but all I’ll hear is cluck, cluck, cluck. Which is just fine with me because I won’t understand anyway and thus my desire to smoke would also be greatly reduced, making me a much healthier mama.

Ok, not that I advocate for murder because I don’t and never will, but I’m just sayin’ you can’t cut off the head of your husband and then serve him for dinner with potatoes and use his ruffled feathers for pillow stuffing. I am not into that and frankly no one should be. BUT eating healthy, free range organic chicken…and a brand new feather pillow… Oh I am DOWN with that. Yum and thus once again reducing the grocery bill. Plus… just spit ballin’ here; lopping off the head of an annoying squawker might be somewhat therapeutic. Just sayin…

I won’t have to pay for health insurance, car insurance or a cell phone bill for these chickens so my household bills would be greatly reduced as well. These chickens won’t ruin my birthday with calloused words, they won’t refuse to help my son with his cub scouts derby car making him to forfeit the race, but they will teach my son about farming and agriculture. These are life skills and this is a plus in my book.

Now I do realize that trying to cuddle with a chicken might not go over well, and it really doesn’t appeal to me anyway – but I could sure snuggle up with that pillow and a good book any day.

One final thought. If I should so decide that the relationship with one of my chickens is going poorly and I decide to end it. The fallout is far from devastating. None of the other chickens will be jealous, no tears will be shed, no legal fees will have to be paid and there will be no assets to split up,. IT’S ALLLL MINE!

So you see… Chickens!


The Pull

At Imbolc I begin to feel it… like a gentle tug from a small child at my hem… As Ostara draws closer, the tug becomes a pull. Like a whisper beckoning me to those secret places that hold the mind in entreaty promising pure joy and release. I start to revisit the sacred places, open up my mind and spirit… Soon it invades my thoughts through the waking hours of mind numbing repetitive mundane. I awaken to awareness again. I wonder if the creatures emerging from hibernation feel this way. I look forward to seeing them again as I visit the natural springs by my home where I leave a token each year. I long to spend hours in the wooded sanctuary in the grassy patch the dear bed in at night. I yearn to embrace the intimacy of the goddess within. The sleeper has awakened once more…

Casting Spells, Cycles, and Ethics

Yep this is a long one. I am going to touch on a couple of important topics today. When casting spells there are several things to consider such as ethics, timing/cycles, and reasons. Just because you can cast, doesn’t necessarily mean you should. Are you willing to accept the repercussions or backlash of your working? Are you willing to do the mundane work as well? For example; doing a protection spell against a stalker but not setting clear boundaries or getting a restraining order would be an example of not doing the mundane work as well. Or for another example, doing an anti-theft spell but leaving your doors unlocked. You have to be willing to do the magical AND the mundane work so to speak, they go hand in hand.

A friend of mine asked me if there is a spell to make her stop caring about her soon to be ex-husband. While there are certainly spells out there to do such a thing; my experience has taught me that the first thing you do before casting is work it backwards; pretty much without exception (hey I said pretty much. There are certainly situations where it is a no brainer.)

So, you ask the question, why do you want to stop caring about your ex?

Answer: it hurts and I am crying all the time, it clouds judgement, it makes me angry. Whatever the answer may be.

So then you ask – why does it hurt? Why am I crying all the time? Why does it cloud judgement? Why does it make me angry?

Answer – I still love him and I miss him and am lonely, I am depressed, I am making decisions from the heart and not the head, it makes me angry because I feel betrayed, or whatever the reason may be and so on.

Why do I feel lonely? Why am I depressed? Why do I feel betrayed… you get the idea.

You do this to get to the real root of the issue. Is the issue really because you don’t want to care or is it because you are going through a grieving process that is hard, or because you need to be with someone to feel validated, or is there another root cause? You do this because your magic requires energy so why would you want your energy wasted on something that may well work, but still won’t give you the ultimate result you truly desire.

If you reach a point where you are answering “I feel more validated by a relationship” then I would say stop there. Casting a spell to stop caring about an ex is not going to change the root cause. Therapy would probably be more effective – it can help tremendously with grief and core beliefs. (I am a supporter of therapy – there are a lot of broken people in the paths we walk. As a side benefit of therapy your personal power will be greater if you know yourself better – Know Thy Self – ok enough said there.) On the flip side if you get to the root cause and its along the lines, I want to free my heart so I will be open to a new way of life and let go of the past to move forward; then I would say go ahead. This is a healthy step in life. (Therapy would still probably be a good step too – just sayin).

A Note on Marriage Vows: Marriage in particular involves some intense and powerful vows – and that is the point, they are supposed to be. Many people make those vows in sacred space be it church, hand-fasting – whatever; (I realize not all do but they are sacred vows just the same), and thus a magical act. You bind yourselves to each other. After that point you weave your lives, hearts, and minds together. Untangling your lives from each other is not going to happen overnight, nor is it going to be easy. There will be a grieving process, and trying to skip that process can drag it out more. Using magic should be done with care if at all in this process.

A Note on Love Spells: Love is very powerful and not something you can control well if at all. I have seen a two of people do love spells aimed at a specific person and it had disastrous results. To force the will of another is draining and can make people seem crazy. Velma Nightshade and Fire Lyte do a fantastic job addressing this topic in their podcast. You can find it at Inciting a BrewHaHa – Episode 9.

Should You Help Someone With Magic? At any rate I digress; should you decide to go forward with helping someone with magic; my advice is this – have them work it backwards and examine themselves first. This alone will be the most important step of the entire process. I would then point them in the right direction but I would not perform that casting myself for them. There will be those of you that disagree with my stance and that is fine but I will explain why I feel the way I do. There are situations such as healing and aiding that are warranted but in the example of my friend, I would not.

Casting requires a great deal of energy and focus. Casting in this instance would directly influence the will of at least one of these two people – and that alone is draining on your personal power. Also by casting makes you partially if not mostly responsible for the outcome. I do not want that responsibility. I would suggest to my friend (after she worked it backwards) that she carefully consider if this is what truly needs to happen, and if so to write her own working and perform it on and by herself. By doing this she charges it with her own power, with her own energy. Doing so prepares her mind and will to the task of letting go of the old, stagnant and unhealthy and being open to a new and healthy future; which ultimately is what my friend did want. Furthermore I would use the lunar cycle to assist. I would use a full lunar cycle, starting with a Full moon and ending with the next Full moon.

Lastly I would keep my mouth shut. When I cast I very rarely tell anyone. If I do, it’s already been completed and outcome rendered and then grounded out and much time has passed. This is the part of the Keep Silent in the Witches’ Pyramid. (For more information on the Witches’ Pyramid check out some of my older posts).

Letting go of the Old to Bring in the New – Cycles

Our lives are full of cycles. As women we tend to be well aware of cycles; but we do not have a monopoly on cycles. We have the ability to call upon these cycles for many purposes as magical beings. Our lives are within these cycles.

This is something that the Wheel of the Year teaches us. Change is inevitable and is a process. This is represented in the land and in deity. The land dies in winter, the Mother becomes Crone, the Son is born, The Crone becomes Maiden and the land is full of new growth, the Son is now Lover, the Maiden becomes Mother and summer is upon us and the land is fertile and then son becomes Warrior the harvest is brought in The King of Summer dies and then is reborn when winter is upon us again.

The lunar cycles teaches us as well. The Waning Gibbous is a great time to let go. The waning cycle of the Moon is the period from the Full Moon to the New Moon. This is the cycle to use for banishing and rejecting baneful aspects, such as disease and negativity, as well as dissolving destructive energies of all types. The Waxing Gibbous refers to the period of time from the New Moon to the Full Moon. The energy from this cycle should be used in “drawing” that which you want towards you. It’s a good time to begin new projects and expand any current efforts. It’s also a time to craft workings that concern, harmony, balance, and peace, as well as protection and healing.

The story of Cerridwen’s Caldron teaches us about death and rebirth as well as the process of change and letting go.

Currently we are in the Autumn Equinox Cycle moving to Samhain. This is a really good time to begin to let go of things in our lives, to bring closure, to disregard the dysfunctional things in our lives. Samhain is the Celtic New Year. Now is the perfect time to let go and start something new at Samhain.

If you have any thoughts on this I’d love to hear them.

Happy Mabon

Happy Mabon Everyone! I love this time of year! So many festivities beginning and with the cooler air and the trees changing color it brings an excitement to the air. Where I’m from, we generally have a community Pagan Pride Day celebration right around Mabon & the Fall Equinox in a park. I love going to this. I love the moment when the sage and frankincense hits my nose like a welcome friend calling me. It washes over me like a warm hug saying you are home honey, come on in and be amongst friends. The patrons in full regalia, the fool (yep we got one – much to my son’s delight and my embarrassment for at least 20minutes straight) the vendors with all of their variety of wares and homemade treasures, potions, oils, leather you name it – it’s there. My son always loves this too. His favorites are the activities for kids, the mock sword fighting battles, and the Viking funeral ritual…(“Mom! He drank apple juice out of a horn!”) yep good stuff here. But in truth my most favorite part is seeing those special friends that I have connected with over the years. Hugs, smiles, catching up, showing each other our treasures found, bought, sold and the genuine sense of community. This is the time of year where we truly reap what we have sown and we prepare for the long winter that lies before us. For me that is a community and I am very thankful for that.

Mabon is the one of the harvest festivals and harvest festivals mean food and friends (and likely some homemade wine or mead amongst some). I mean seriously who can go wrong with that?! If you are looking to celebrate Mabon or just to honor it may I suggest the following. This does not need to be elaborate. I have some non-pagan friends I do this for even and they look forward to it every year. I just get a small dollar store basket and put a goodie or two (apple butter, homemade zucchini bread) in it with some colored leaves and some apples to celebrate and honor the harvest. Be creative and think of yourself as a steward of your path – you may be paving the way to an open mind someday. Imagine what you could be harvesting next year with just this act.

Sharing Mabon with a Friend:

Make a harvest basket for a friend. Mabon is definitely about bounty and bringing in the harvest. What better way to bring in a harvest of friends than a harvest of season? Things that would be appropriate to place in the basket would be:

Spiced Apple Butter
Honey Wheat Bread, Homemade Bread, Zucchini Bread
Rosemary Honey
Red Wine (Spiced Witch’s Brew for drinking warm)
Sage (either for cooking or smudging)
Apples (or other seasonal fruit)
Colored Corn

How Do I Marry Two Belief Systems?

Recently a reader contacted me regarding my “About” page. She specifically asked me how I can marry two different belief systems and not have inner conflict. Rather than just answer her, I thought I’d put it out there for all to read because it is a good question. It’s one I have even asked myself. Plainly put – there is conflict at times. I wrestle with my faith at times like so many do. I know I need spirituality in my life. I have blogged previously about why I choose the path I do and have answered that, but this question goes a little deeper. So I dug deeper and here is what I came up with…

Frankly I don’t relish the idea of putting myself in a box, defining myself, or laying it right out there nakedly. So caveat stated I will attempt to nakedly lay out where I stand with my spirituality.

There are really positive things about marrying my Baptist background with my pagan spirituality and there are some not so easy to swallow morsels as well. I don’t like that I have to hide my belief system from basically everyone because people make so many assumptions based on what tiny bit of information they think they have. Hollywood kinda screwed me on that one. I also realize that the society that I live in makes it a necessity. I feel that my faith in the divine I grew up with is jaded by issues with transference related to men but I have lived a life where men have inflicted a great deal of pain, heartache and fear into my life. The Bible teaches us to fear God. And I do understand the intended actual concept of this. I have been raised in the Baptist Church and in my experience it has been a religion of shame, judgement, guilt and do’s and don’ts. Do I hate Jesus? – No. I love Him. What’s not to love, seriously? He came in peace, taught a whole new way of looking at the world, taught tolerance, respect, responsibility and social justice. He was an ascended master, and whatever you do or do not believe about His divinity, He deserves respect for His message and His mission. This is what confuses the Bible Thumpers I have encountered, I love Jesus and follow Paganism… Hey it’s my path. I struggle with issues of shame (as many do) I don’t feel like God would want me with my tainted past and the shame that I would bring in (there is that core belief of not good enough – something I am working on) but maybe a goddess would. She is a woman and therefore understands the burdens that I face in a better perspective. She seems easier to relate to than a male deity. She teaches to love and honor yourself, honor and care for each other and the earth we live in. Interestingly enough – so does Jesus. Those are ideas that I can wrap my brain around. Paganism is not a faith of shame and guilt. It teaches to balance life. It is about life, nature and acceptance, and what you can’t accept you have the ability to change. I want to live in a world where enchantment and magic is possible. It’s where I find joy. It engages my inner child, and natural curiosity. Its’ not a guilt ridden or shame based faith system and there is so much celebration of and for life and womanhood. It’s not in a box, so my path doesn’t have to look like anyone else’s, I get to decide what I believe and be uniquely me. It heals my inner child and my heart. It allows me to forgive myself. It’s therapeutic to my mind and soul. It’s a way to come to terms with myself and to grow. It’s a safe outlet for emotional buildup that is constructive. It allows me to reach for the stars and my dreams. I don’t have to give them up. It’s made to embrace transformation and change. It teaches that I am a sacred being as a woman and as a person. It validates my personal perceptions and insights for myself. It reconciles fate and destiny and allows for me to change that, giving me more of a sense of control over my life. I feel like I can escape to a better version of me and a better version of this world when I need to. I feel more connected to myself and to nature – I feel safer in nature – I feel calmer in nature. It’s the stuff that I respond to and react to. It tugs at my heart like a love affair. It’s a deeply seeded need in my core. I am naturally drawn this and I feel like this is my home. AND I at times I feel a twinge of guilt for it but I have a hard time believing that the “God of Love” would punish and torture the people he created for ETERNITY for the choices we make now in the short time span that our lives actually are in the big scheme of time. It doesn’t make sense to me. We are created imperfect, to lead imperfect lives where we screw up, but if we don’t agree with the maker then we are tortured for eternity. I don’t want to be a part of that. And I feel like why would the God of Judah want someone like me? Where the conflict lies is this; if paganism is the stuff that moves me, then many Christians would say my heart isn’t solely in the hands of God and the Bible teaches this is a sin and will damn me. But… what if it doesn’t? I find myself questioning, if it doesn’t damn me then why spend my life in a belief system that makes me unhappy? Why should I choose that? But on the other hand what if it does damn me? Christianity is a part of my make-up but it doesn’t really make me happy. Paganism does. I haven’t totally figured out how to reconcile these really yet. I do feel like the teachings of Jesus are more in alignment with paganism than people realize but that is thinking out of the box. I guess I am going to leave it there. I am ok with not having all the answers. I know what brings me joy, I know what enhances my life, and I accept that it isn’t a well defined path, but it’s mine and I am happy to walk it.

I am curious to hear your take dear readers. Do you struggle with your spirituality? Do you walk a path that is hard to define?

A Witchy Playlist – Do You Have One?

Ok so this particular blog entry is less on the philosophical level and more on the “why the hell not” level. Any who… I was recently revamping my witchy playlist to add some new tunes and got to thinking… I wonder if other people have witchy playlists; I mean I can’t be the only one. This is the playlist of music that instantly speaks to your witchy self. I use mine for private rituals, I’ve even made ritual cd’s for my lovely lady friends, for kitchen witchery, or for craft work (I can lose hours in craft work this way). Sometimes I just listen to them at well, work! – I like having that intimate part stirring while in boring work mode because it will kick loose the cobwebs and birth inspiration. Personally, I find it amazing how music can put you in just the right head space. For serious workings it can really help me focus my intent. Other times it acts as a pick me up when I need to clear my head of the garbage bouncing around (good ol’ monkey mind). Here are some of my favorite songs and artists. What are yours? I would love to see what music is inspiring you.

The Pierces Song – You’ll Be Mine (recent addition thanks to Inciting a Riot Podcast, Episode 78)
The Eagles – Witchy Woman
Sting – Shape of My Heart
Eddie Reader – Bell Book & Candle
Santana – Black Magic Woman
Poe – Haunted
Miriam Stockley – Wishing on a Star
Imelda May – It’s Your Voodoo Working
Lisa Kelly (of Celtic Women) – The Voice
Chloë Agnew (of Celtic Women) – Walking in the Air
Meav Ni Mhaolchatha (of Celtic Women) – Dúlaman
Orla Fallon (of Celtic Women) – Newgrange
The Smiths – How Soon Is Now?
Witches in Bikini’s – laugh all you want, it’s on there
Mojo Kemp’s song – Vahalla (One of the wonderful hosts of The Wigglian Way)
Heather Dale – (my particular favorite is Mordred’s Lullaby)
Loreena McKennitt
Sharon Knight & Pandemonaeon
Stevie Nicks & Fleetwood Mac
Practical Magic Soundtrack
Mists of Avalon Soundtrack
Tricky Pixie & SJ Tucker
Gaia Consort
Damh the Bard

The Space Between Space

soaring mindAs I sit at my desk dutifully being the diligent worker that I am required to be, listening to Sharon Knight and Pandemonaoum (I love her music. It calls to my soul) on headphones, I realize that I had been completely transported away to a place between time and space. You know that highway hypnosis thing you can sometimes get when you realize that you have no recollection of your drive? It’s similar. There is a portion of my daily work that is so repetitive that I inadvertently will at times slip into a state of meditation. It’s the same state of mind I use when I do magical work in sacred space. It is the dream like state that awakens the muse and releases you from the limitations that the logical mind can impose. Time has no hold and the mind is set free to roam. This got me thinking about ritual. Ritual in itself is just that, a repetitive set of actions, if we learn these steps to the point of auto pilot slipping into that magical state can become effortless. (There are of course other ways to help yourself part the veil such as music and smells… I prefer the above mentioned music and Om NagChampa incense – these two in combo are pretty much a gaurentee in my private rituals.) I think that magical state is the part I love most about my private rituals.  The letting go of the mundane while slipping between realms to an intimate place to commune with deity is well… sacred. It the place where anything is possible and your mind is set free. It can be a wild place and it can be a very calming place (depending on your intent). So much of life requires control that the few moments (or hours that feel like mere moments as often happens with me) that we are allowed to soar on the wings of infinite possibilities become treasured. Sitting here just out of that leaves me longing to go to that magical place where mystical lands beckon my imagination.

So I’m getting on a soap box

I would not be suprised to get some hate mail with this one but whatever… I’m keepin’ it real, and that is the advantage of having your own blog; you get to put your thoughts and opinions out there… This particular situation I ran into has been rubbing me raw for a few days now so I  thought I’d put it out there to see what others thought…

Excerpt from a letter I had to send from a provider….

…During the previous month’s session, Jane Doe reported her husband had moved out, was having an affair, was pursuing a divorce and he desired at that time to see their daughter after a multi month absence.

At our next session she expressed her grave concerns of her husband resuming unsupervised contact with their daughter due to his girlfriend’s involvement with a satanic group Jane Doe reports her fears of horrible, physical and sexual abuse with possible satanic rituals if the child is in the presence of her husband’s girlfriend. 

In my opinion I would highly recommend that Jane Doe have a thorough assessment from the legal system to assure her of her child’s safety and security in the near future…


Ok let the soapbox rant begin… (remember this is just my opinion)

The author of above excerpt has never met the ex-husband, spoken with the child or met the girlfriend but goes to make recomendations to a court system with this limited heresay information?

My next point – the author knows little to nothing about the girlfriends pagan path or if she even calls herself a satanist. It is entirely possible that the girlfriend is a wiccan or kitchen witch or other pagan path follower. I have encountered some that think yoga is satanic… just sayin… Makes it kinda scarey to come out of the broom closet.

Moving on… I don’t know many “satanists” but the two that I do know would never ever place a child in harms way nor would they involve a child in their pathworkings as they believe it is a path an educated adult must choose for themselves.  I am not per-sey taking up for satanism, it’s not my path of choice, but to each their own. But to be in danger fo “horrible ritual abuse (of a child) just by being the girlfriend’s presense…  doubtful.

And as far as I understand it the gov’t recognizes it a a legitmate path.

Now there are definitely the exceptions to every rule and I know there are some messed up folk out there, but this is the child’s father and Jane Doe saw fit at one time to breed with him. She doesn’t have a problem with him seeing the children, just the girlfriend… hmm to me that sounds vindictive and not so much protective…

There are protective services out there for children for a reason, and they have their role. But if someone were to try to prohibit me from seeing my child because I follow a pagan path they would find me calling the ACLU in a flash. It’s because of bigots and ignorant people like the author/Jane Doe that I stay in the closet.

Anyway I threw this out to a few close friends and got some interesting responses… So I’d like to hear your thoughts…


Holly Moon – is known as a warrior’s tree. Action, Assertion, Objectivityholly - ogham

 July 8 – August 4: Although the Oak ruled in the previous month, its counterpart, the Holly, takes over in July. This evergreen plant reminds us all year long and is connected to immortality (of nature), unity, courage, and the stability of hearth and home. The Holly moon was called Tinne, pronounced chihnn-uh, by the Celts, who knew the potent Holly was a symbol of masculine energy and firmness. The ancients used the wood of the Holly in the construction of weapons and chariot wheel  and spear shafts, but also in protective magic. The qualities of a spear shaft are balance and directness, as the spear must be hefted to be thrown the holly indicates directed balance and vigor to fight if the cause is just.

Holly – The Ruler

Among the Celtic tree astrology signs the Holly is one of regal status. Noble, and high-minded, those born during the Holly era easily take on positions of leadership and power. If you are a Holly sign you take on challenges easily, and you overcome obstacles with rare skill and tact. When you encounter setbacks, you simply redouble your efforts and remain ever vigilant to obtain your end goals. Very seldom are you defeated. This is why many people look up to you and follow you as their leader. You are competitive and ambitious even in the most casual settings. You can appear to be arrogant but in actuality you’re just very confident in your abilities. Truth be known, you are quite generous, kind and affectionate (once people get to know you). Highly intelligent, you skate through academics where others may struggle. Because many things come to you so easily, you may have a tendency to rest on your laurels. In other words, if not kept active, you may slip into an unhealthy and lazy lifestyle. Holly signs may look to Ash and Elder signs for balance and partnership


OGHAM SYMBOL                                                    T – Tinne

D In the pre-Christian British Isles, the Holly was often associated with protection — planting a hedge around your home would keep malevolent spirits out, thanks to the sharp spikes on the leaves. In Celtic myth, the concept of the Holly King and the Oak King symbolizes the changing of the seasons, and the transition of the earth from the growing time to the dying season.  When Christianity moved into the Celtic lands, the new religion associated the Holly plant with the story of Jesus. At the time the pokey spikes on the leaves represent the crown of thorns worn by Jesus on the cross, and the bright red berries symbolize his blood.

 Tinne Correspondences:

Mundane Aspects: Hang a sprig of Holly in your house to ensure good luck and safety to your family. There is strength to be found in standing together, and ultimately protection comes from honor and trust. Wear as a charm, or make Holly Water by soaking leaves overnight in spring water under a full moon – then use the water as a blessing to sprinkle on people or items around the house for protection and cleansing. Challenges will be overcome with unity and concerted effort. Ensure the cause is just. As warriors train and retrain until what they do with spears is instinctive, so you too must train and learn daily.

Magical Aspects: Develop the ability to respond quickly and wisely to your intuition. Learn to overcome and adapt to new situations, and to respond immediately to changes in your spiritual environment. Trust your instinct, but don’t let your heart rule over your head. Cultivate dynamic and instinctive intuition to respond to fast moving situations and accept the reality of here and now. Ensure the ability of slipping in and out of a great variety of behavior styles, to be able to respond to the environment at hand.

Why My Spiritual Path?

Recently I was challenged to answer the question “Why this Spiritual Path?” As I began to answer I realized that I was trying to justify my choice. I don’t need to justify it to anyone, so I stopped and really thought about it. I took the approach of, what is it that tugs at me that separates it from another path… Here is what I came up with.  

  • It’s fun and has awesome trinkets, it engages my inner child and natural curiosity.
  • It’s therapeutic to the mind and soul
  • It teaches balance
  • I feel more connected to myself
  • It’s a way to come to terms with myself and to grow
  • It’s a safe outlet for emotional buildup
  • It’s constructive
  • It allows me to reach for the stars and my dreams
  • It’s made to embrace transformation and change
  • It allowed me to forgive myself
  • It’s not a guilt ridden practice – there is so much celebration of and for life
  • I learned that I am a sacred being
  • It validates my personal perceptions and insights
  • It reconciles fate and destiny and allows for me to change that, giving me more of a sense of control over my life
  • It’s unique for each person
  • It allows me to escape to another world
  • I feel like I can escape to a better version of me and a better version of this world.
  • I feel more connected to nature – I feel safe in nature – I feel calm in nature
  • I want to live in a world where enchantment and magic is possible
  • It heals the inner child

It’s the stuff that I respond to. I react to it. It tugs at my heart. Like a love affair. It’s a deeply seeded need in my core. I am naturally drawn this. I feel like this is my home.